April 22, 2018

Today is the only day: having fatal cats of Schrödinger for eyes ... #NaPoWriMo2018 Day 22

 illustration by EjR ©

and Wonder Woman 
even on a bad day 
can be heard, singing  
"I am a jukebox hero 
I've stars in my eyes ..." 

(in a Sunday stump speech inflection) 

I say 
in my best high English 
that you're a lovely tray of canapé
colorful and bright 
savory and snitted 
so please be kind 
and rewind with care 
all, who, you are 
being, a knitted 
self or maybe 
some mittens 
if they help 
any feeling 
of needing 
kneading the dough 
a bread warm alone 
because being found 
as love, a lover 
or loving only brings 
another litter  
of cold fear 

"take out dear", 

speaking to yourself  

"leave my soul 
outside the door, 
don't wait" 

this you say when 
the delivery person 
rings the bell 
to be buzzed in 
on their weigh  
to the many ways, 
there are always songs 
we are in 
or are singing 
of someone 
in service 
to another 

this is the voiced care 
that cares to carry 
us all 
past hunger 
and thirst 

the shadow multitudes snicker, 
an invisible chorus conscience

we know this is a trick 
something assigned 
to the devil 
but I know for fact 
that any devil 
in the mirror 
is nearer to being 
on the level 
because it is 
clear to me 
they lived 

this is divinity 
daring us to die 
full of faith 
for life and love's 
I say the aches 
and sorrows 
are why we fight 
despite knowing 
the victory 
of tomorrow 
is a pirate pyrite 
a future 
of fools 
for eyes 

we're not born to see 
anything but these 
grand illusions 
of eternity being 
all that can be 
for when we 
the only day 
that truly ever is 
the way 
we Love 
best ...


we only see 
the dead cats 
for the rest 
of our lives 



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