April 23, 2018

investing in exhales aka harvesting a sense of finally ... #NaPoWriMo2018 Day 23

bullet or ballot 
neither really valid 
quick release 
lock and load 
repeat rinse 
wash away 
the blood 
of another day 
in which no one 
spoke up against 
the sin of daze 
has us 
awe struck again 
rain as pain 
slipping the noose 
time is an immortal goal 
we have of overcoming
why and what we live to die for 

we are whores 
for more with 
no mores and fore ways 
into forays neigh-neighs 
and cushy sleighs 
bay after bay 
perth ghost 
gist and mast head 
we cut little notches in 
every time we took to sea 
and came back 
ordinal numerical fondness for chaos 
spider bug nazca lines 
on old wood 

your goddess routine sublimates me 
I, ice to steam 
no water between 
us thus the poem 
or quieted 
by freedom 
with one last 
rush of wind 


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