July 19, 2017

we knew these scent paths well ...

Deuteronomy 32 : 1-2

" Give ear, O heavens, and I will speak,
and let the earth hear the words of my mouth.
May my teaching drop as the rain,
my speech distill as the dew,
like gentle rain upon the tender grass,
and like showers upon the herb. "

what a learned heart says : 
I do remember when we met 
hadn't thought about fate just yet 
but whenever I look back to feel 
the mind gives way and the soul doth kneel
I am not wise I am regurgitative 
I am spies like us with built-in 
modifications, including gyroscopic A.I. tiles 
oh look ... there lies the templed Hypatia, a patio again ...

you could see the smoke from miles away 
ugly fingers, breaching bent hooking beneath(s) 
the sky, lashed with book ashes and posie lament 
we looked at it with squinted regard 
and said our recessionals ... 

we said to ourselves 
we would have to remember 
by not remembering 
feeling this exit 
wound as deliverance 
from any personal evil 
coming to know 
thy own self 
the divine you, will do  
we believe when you let 
joy inside too 
these I believe(s)  
are all, cardinal 
bright burning red 
against bare budding bush 
when Spring, 
truths ...

we slew a thousand dragons, another thousand grew 
nothing like tsunamis in plain sight 
we fight why on the inside 
we're mostly the same 
instincts and desires 
to have and to hold 
to seed and let go 
the kingdoms 
of heaven 
the self lights 
we've within ...

we heard whistling, graveyards in full forfeiture proceedings 
they called to the passersby windows 
echo moaning alpha beta gamma delta epsilon (s) ... and on and on 
on and on we went erykah badu-ing our way through daily shifting sands 
algorithm-streets, there were beats we fell into, skinned living time era-ed birds and rain 
the longest kinds of knives, the brightly colored lies 
we can get caught wearing our souls with ... bones comply 
and what we have left 
at the ends of most poems 
are little bits of hope that 
our world doesn't pass 
itself goodbye 
language as eyes 
born ever wanting 
to be a nose 
bitten with 
a true religion ... 


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