July 17, 2017

his story, her story

I have heard you can lie a thousand times to God and not cry 
I wish sometimes I had those kinds of eyes, ones not easy to pry 
but therein lay the rub, human beings and their dub kingdoms with 
co-opted adopted principles to pauses, causes all filling tombs, sieves 

what have you got to give, Life and Love and the occasional rib 
do you dare yourself past myriad blowjob fantasies to gain a dib 
well the spawn rain explains much but only in loner, longer views 
we've need to bleed whilst in the drapery bones our souls do use 

(choral cattle chattel chatter 
splatter body fluid flew to it
stasis osmosis and a news cycle 
of constancy's redundancy and
charming chameleon futures)

we stand beneath 
frenzied fronds fray
reaching for the sky 
so we may 
catch the dates 
as they fall 
free, oddly wobbled 
and sometimes 
seeming even purposed 
with wind at night 



  1. So what you're saying is I have to let go. Do you know how terrifying that sounds?

    "I wish sometimes I had those kinds of eyes" ... At times, I wish I didn't have eyes.

    "human beings and their dub(step) kingdoms"

    "what have you got to give, Life and Love and the occasional rib" ... The girl does have jokes.

    "well the spawn rain explains much but only in loner, longer views" ... I definitely look too many steps ahead (the "longer view"), worrying about everything that could go wrong.

    "splatter body fluid flew to it" ... This is when your coffee creamer flies up the fireplace's windpipe.

    "and a news cycle
    of constancy's redundancy and
    charming chameleon futures" ... Yep. That's me. Features, not futures. Well, that too. But mostly sutures. That's what the characters are for.

    "so we may
    catch the dates
    as they fall" ... You are so damn clever.

    "oddly wobbled" ... Like a baby giraffe; bobble-headed

  2. suture azure
    assuredly poised
    and ready
    what of that little flop doll
    we used to act out
    all of our scenes with
    toes touching the stars
    night time on a swing
    bridled with laughter
    wading our exhales
    we remember saying
    almost simultaneously
    my soles are dusty too ...

    seriously not serious
    I was tuning in
    to where divine begins
    in each of us
    devotion through
    shouts of why
    and why not ... :)

    1. I don't want to lose my voice ... even if it is awful to begin with.

    2. so yes, we must
      always herald joy
      besides, being
      awe filled is
      a wonder of it all ...


      DEUTERONOMY 32 : 1-2

      " Give ear, O heavens, and I will speak,
      and let the earth hear the words of my mouth.
      May my teaching drop as the rain,
      my speech distill as the dew,
      like gentle rain upon the tender grass,
      and like showers upon the herb. "

    3. I would enjoy an herb shower.

    4. kushy pillows
      the billows
      and bellows
      of an afternoon
      awaiting dancers
      in the clouds
      outside windows

    5. A room full of pillows. That's what I need. Floor completely covered, windows covered, my body smothered in colorful dreams.

      Kushy became lush, for some reason. Drowning my borrows, which are books, in something soft and sweet-salty on the throat. Mango and kiwi might be involved.

    6. yes, a round room being around in
      affording views within and without ...

    7. I was thinking triangular. But tinted bubbles could work (I have sensitive eyes).

  3. You thinking about doing a quadrille today? I'd like to see what you'd come up with.

    1. Went to work instead
      listened to the thunderous rain
      all the while waiting for the closing time
      to arrive when it did ...

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