July 20, 2017

Are we newsreel one acts, ways & means or are we loving beings?

art by Alicia Caudle ©

so we carry on, and on 
we take gene pool sides 
with main course 
diving for deep ends 
we feel we are guided 
and maybe from Mars 
and we are familially ritualized 
we comfort ourselves 
as cagey cannibal souls 
of almost 
we go through rapids 
and rewards 
falling school 
to flying highs 
we are calendars 
and cynical 
we recycle joys 
we surmise much 
we take to pleasing 
these days, 
ourselves and others 
we each presume 
of the rest 
life to life 
inhale to exhale 
we bone rattle throes 
we regale often 
as much as needed, really 
because who doesn't want 
to live forever 
a character 
roaming free 
in a play 
where the audience 
feeds the circus 
and the water 
is always wine