July 23, 2017

direct line divinity: a chat with self & not to say it would be eroding (when a soul is ever an athlete dying young ............................................. with apologies Mr. Housman)

did I remember to lock the door 
or better yet turn the oven off 
what other petty worries can I be a saddled you today 
I am not sure but I will distance myself from joy 
and remember all the things that could go wrong 
like how long can time be stretched when racked 
with negative possibilities, oh for the love of knees 
soles, fingers and palms 
in the raw earth when Spring 
can you sing of Love and special things 
what does make your heart sing 
when no one is around to hear 
your calls to the sky 
little kid again 
kite, let fly 
the string 
gathers further 
and you smile 
with your eyes closed 
imagining the keyholes 
to heaven are 
listening too as you do, to the faint 
ripple sounds of light fabric 
against a balsam wood frame 



  1. "listening too as you do, to the faint
    ripple sounds of light fabric
    against a balsam wood frame"

    Stunning poetry.

  2. well sometimes lucky follows me
    glad to be able to pay attention
    some of the times ... thank you