May 5, 2017

the news is snewed shit festivalia, fecal aid for everything .................. it binds you to your unbound inhumane poems

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photographer unattributed 

GOP = Greed Over People 
Democrats = Do everything misguided or cry republicans are totally sinister 

Independents = what the fuck are they anymore, 
though this poem recognizes the grandfather from Vermont as a possible exception 
but illusory means of proclamation have been known to fill my fridge before 
stoner food man, watching sparkly things go round and round in the microwave man 
man why didn't you fight more about California ...

Fringe parties = been sown as bad seeds so long most are conditioned at automation 
to write them off as ludicrous or dangerous and a folly to follow ...

labor feeds fixes and bloodens the gears 
poor bones have always died quickly 
and with necessity 
at the beck and call 
of towers tall 

so those wanting to know 
at this point 
in the poem, 
please defer research 
to the time skipping 
ability of a nautilus shell 
of a woodland snail for instance 

I mean, if you are 
really that impatient 
go to last stanza now ...

affordable care 
we act as if we care 
America, as an institution DOES NOT CARE about YOU, period. 
people are manipulated and easily so, me too 
I watched Baywatch on TV and might the movie too 
a mad dash to get the cash and coconut 
the trading post is close and  
what BB laden hoses supposes 
like socks filled with soap 
to clean memory 
from Life and Love 
as embodiment(s)
of ideas 
to murder 

we are usually lacing fear with implied threat here 
we have labeled this terror, a tactic 
what politics and religion 
has given us ...

thus we bare ourselves 
when alone to ask if  
we can care to afford me 
acting like you care accordingly 

we have reached that critical mass 
of wholly I don't give a fuck 
when the Earth as a commodity 
won't last another few decades before 
damaging changes have taken hold 

community after community 
will be sold chattel and spectacle styled 
to know security 
will be to know the cage 

outside there is palpable 
desolation, rows after rows 
of what we sow and had sown 
slow siphon-ing what colored our world 
this future variant 
is never letting go 
of our forgetting 
of the when(s) 

we recorded everything 
had library upon library to prove 
what a big bunch of dumb asses we are and were 

chances are and beyond the sea playing on heavy rotation 
on the automated radio shows still ghost going 
transmitters powered by solar panels

the future seems more greasy than dusty 
but I could just be looking at the interrupted streams of rain 
the eons take going calendar and bones 
every time a soul cries for articulation 

the churches, temples, mosques 
and other sacred gathering pools 
of ka and ba, list the entry ways 
to the beyonds, heaven 
for a layman or poor reader
people in line remark 
that this looks like post 9-11 'merica 
only the floor is more slippery 
and the tones more seeping 

there isn't music playing 
but the sounds seem to say 
to each of us what we want 
and need to hear ourselves with 
better than beats, best headphones ever 
I said to myself now or never 
get with the rhythm levers  
and let knowing thyself how  
be part of a poem, part of a people 
this could be my prayer to tell 
my whirling dance to spell  
I am, is and came to be 
without rotunda, or steeple 
and grand voiced wisdom 
we don't smell to see 
what is weather belled 
we all just want to hear 
that tone 
that rides off 
into the sunset 
blissful in decay 
each day, a future 
we dared remember 
to color further in sorrow 
for what once was ...

we once believed 
we were created 
not realizing creative 
was the game 
to be, we 
the same gods 
the same manufacturers 
the same cities, 
and quarries
we are alien hybrids damn it 
now get over it 
and get on with 
more and more Loving 
and being aware of it 
every moment you can 
peace out 
poems shout 
too and can 
if you write 
and speak 
those words 
of yours ...


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