May 7, 2017

we went colored mad together: a poem slow infused memory ................ scent and me

it takes us to nations 
elation(s) for raced places 
time emits us 
spit bit bridle certainties 
so well, now, how's ya hearse choice choke horse life after-all 
not very fancy, are we, no pants see, down on your luck 
no one has to be real 
rocking the bellies, 
the what belies, 
being lies 

ooh, the poem goes oo-oo-oo 
here, there are 
bobbing head chattel rhythms 
you cannot escape from ...
legacy structures 
robber baron 
outlaw mentalities 
we are expressive 
in our tenacities 
here, we have minds full 
of passed on know how 
cow-sugars, fox 
and goat sacks 
here, we know 
what is needed 
where the water goes ...

the rivers here 
get muddy quickly 
slower angling silt sliding  
warm booty mouthing  
the Mississippi delta
eventually meeting 
salt of the seas 

segue, sanguine please pleasing 
the squeezing bargains, harp-y-ing 
into intracellular, let me tell you later(s) 
the piece 


accidentally cap locking 

the micro poem 
throwing it back 
when it rains 

with an occasional close 
honed onto 
fading the skips 
times when 
you are falling 
driving eggs 
legs, skies 
knowing the wind 
is in the eons 
some kind 
of ghost calendar 
joyful moments 
carving stone 
parts of us, to atone 
for why(s), 
the prices pain paid 
is Love  
in this Life 

things we do 
to remember 
need not 
be won or 
carried with us 
they are everywhere 
and anywhere 
the wind went 

last stanza 
soft kicker 
sod housing 
the ants at work 
I, a hopper at heart 
still trying to learn 
how ...


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