March 4, 2017

when she whispers what why where and when .................................. ( I don't fucking care, about the how, you dig? )

vanquish fish wish root calendar 
pie window cool warming daylight 
dusk and dawn have you 
pear belly sacred geometry 

saw the hearse loaded up tonight 
thirty years or so from now, it's me 
if I or We may be so lucky 
what Death asks : 
is it worse for humans 
to lose Love 
in order 
to gain Love 
or to never to have felt 
those tides that undue a soul 
core lock and bone 
tourniquet life caged symphonies  
three panels in comic underwear ...

my name is Edward 
and I don't care 
if you remember me or not 
because I can't shake my scent 
and I really don't know much 
about anything in particular 
though I do have an opinion 
same as you most likely 
here at the end of the poem ... 


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