February 26, 2017

within raw symphonic soul cycles

photo by Edward Rinaldi 

there are many here among us 
of course we are, bubble and spit bits 
sixteen tons, bars and iron rich shits 
cauldron and marsh reeds tidal swayed 
you all sense basket and womb gyroscopic eye 
scent says nothing, knows you are where here lives 
spawn and belonging rain river and sea 

what kind or 
defined music 
do you see 
yourself within 

do you remember 
wonder, awe and whimsy 
is where melody 
seeds itself 
patter pitter 
and slow seasons 
like canyons 
and the way 
we catch 
the Sun 
and free 
from time 
wearing us 
image and archetype 
and though ripe 
with myself and poem 
most moments 
observably yours 
the reader 
I must admit 
I do like aliens 
surreal allegory 
image algorithms 
prince valiant haircuts 
and bowling shirts ...

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