March 4, 2017

PS I agree with Ms Manners gift registries are rude ................. that and I think there's LSD in my coffee over and out from the hinterlands

we bramble-d through cathedral wombs 

it must be Spring 
mothers are reading Judy Bloom 
sniffing their armpits again 

gadfly or botfly 
you choose how to be 
bothered by life 
from tiny eggs 

an elucidated non declarative
aka brain spilling like mercury 
with curious globular unity and
adhesion(s) on the linoleum floor 

whereas it is now ... 
this morning I spied 
a superpower my daughter 
seemingly had been born with, 
a chameleon sticky tongue she hones 
as I am watching her Nona's lazy eye fall 
from its socket, my daughter is watery spry 
with sprocket-ish viscous expression ... 
she flicks at it, her tongue sticks to it ... 
and the eye ends back up in her Nona's 
socket from clear across the room ...


1 comment:

  1. That part about your daughter was kick-ass. You should write about your kids more, brother.