January 26, 2017

where wear worn thin begins to lance reality in comic book hues ...

Uncle Sam Atrium
sunlight reflected

tight wired sky 
writes poems high 
spry flyer eyed wry ...

do we herd instinct 
when comfortable 
do we want 
in post television age 'Merica 
with machine angel proximity 
surrogate motion enabler closeness 
do we do we 
do we want 
to know insurrection ...

are we fleeing 
peeing leaping 
teeming masses 
lemmings and 
velvet covered self induced 
sledgehammer propped ganders 
Olympic style extravaganzas 
are we that seedy when needy 
bread and circus wannabes 
cause we can't feel we feed 
children again to the lions 
or  can  we 
do we? ...

echo resistance 
the cities 
with most of the asses dreaming 
will steady themselves Pygmalion 
in want to be blues 
they'll be seeing red 
fed what surmises 
discerning views 
to what ails 
and fails to stop 
us from killing 
each other ...

we used to have dreams 
and the institutions that cared 
for them, they emoted 
past remote distant time 
to energized promise being 
built to simultaneously build 
and erode our belief in 
stability versus progress ...

can you guess what it looks 
like so far for America
the beauty being bled 
oil fed mouths 
too hungry to die 
or be sated, the unseen greed 
the selfish ones 
beings, might be 
made to declare 
what they're carrying 
looted from Earth at the 
customs and weigh station 
at the Moon 
so let us look  will we 
when August 21 2017
okay America will we  
see the dance of two shadows 
and the unmasking tasking 
blink quick basking light despair 
of humanity's fleeting infinity 
held against the visage 
of the selfish ones 
that could be saying 
in three panel harmony 
here's that one chance 
at our weak breastplate, archers ...


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