January 27, 2017

there was a time before ...

a younger me
some time before
 I really went mad 

I can remember lucid leaning 
dome tent under the pine forest 
there was this slid calling 'rain and fallen leaves 
on the trail, I have always been lost tossed 
going slow around a wide bend in the road 
jumping out rolling soul to bones 
the tones of the musical mind sample destiny 
as a tactile perceptive rest of me 
but having nothing of that sort \
of interlud-al pursuance 
of flow stole into ... 

I am partly 
while remembering 
how feeling 
tangent by tangent entire 
inferred chews 
could be used 
to deduce ration
sweet to salty snacks 
and treats 
when the movie 
and soundtrack 
enhance the laid back ...

I remember South Troy 
coal smell alley ways 
oil slicks when it rained 
up and down the gutter explained 
gravity because we watched where water flowed ...

I imagine I remember the Alps 
of my dreams, fed precipice solemn dark Winters 
I remember ghost gnome talking 
to the knots in the wood grains, oceans 
faces we place where we felt safe crawling home 
tome to poem in the loam tilling 
all our will we ...

and  eventually 
I remember I sat and shat outside 
myself for a bit 
in every story 
as a plot device 
to kid myself 
into saying how we race 
to define things only meant to be felt 
or smelt for that matter 
in jarring mad hatter goings on 
poems about the nose  
being bowsprit bent time ...


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