January 28, 2017

when visiting Dante's first plane of Hell ( how your bones will be eaten )

art by Chris Sheridan ©
from the graphic novel
'Motorcycle Samurai'

Syrian children are just the latest in a long line of humans, being treated as disposable objects as opposed to being given the graces of Love. 

(does protective measure progress kill 
and if so, does it kill slow enough 
to make those not targeted 
feel comfortable enough 
to avoid acting in the best interest 
of humanity when they come 
for the neighbors too, 
does it kill painlessly 
in those moments 
right before the door crashes down 
when at least you harbored thoughts  
that they wouldn't dare come 
after you) 

silence is the truest slayer of dreams : 
for example, when history is not written 
but rather bitten into short cyclical repeating 
under the gauze shadow play 
of Lunar and Solar eclipses, silence 
will come to be known 
as the deadliest epidemic 

xenophobia serves what purpose ....?
Is it to elevate the mind, protect the body 
let alone hone the spirit some call a soul 
to be divine ...?

(hint it isn't) 

it is neither joyful 
or welcoming 
it is not wholesome 
or an ideal to teach 
what it does is 
parse your humane 
into thin enough pieces 
so as to not make you notice 
you no longer can hold the light  
like a kite in the wind your bones 
are dust and you are caught 
up, laced to near infinity 
born breathing built 
to be razed 
lifetime after lifetime 
on the wind ...


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