January 30, 2017

She goes rogue Crone from time to time

illustration by Ivan Bilibin
circa 1900

She whispers in thousands of radio waves 

It's the year of the cocks darling 
hens and ottoman sized housecats too She says 
the cabinet maker and cobbler want home made ice cream 
to go big top and in demand 
traveling salt peddlers agree 
the brown thrush and common wren too 
singing the calendars' provenance 
of faith and magic in the runner beans 

outside poem's grasp of surfing 
I am tilt slow and poured = glass tides 
I am peeling painted clock-seasons 
we, poem and I wordlessly become seamless 
we guess reasons why we look out 
t o the trees as theater sometimes 
because through wood framed windows  
it's like we've eaten into tome and time 

(portal gain sequencing) 

brown dwarf 
white dwarf 
black hole 
Schrödinger's cats 

She sits resting her tits 
in Her smile 
in Her kitchen/dining/living room ... 
I ache for this bosom 
to rest my head 
where I wear and swear by
the sound of each 
of Her laced heartbeats 
they unstitch me 
skirt to fool 
faith in destiny 
the unrest in me 
thickening quickening 
stirred cream 
salt and ice  the slurry 
turn and turning still 
cedar plank and brass 
circles in a round 
sometimes the sounds 
are where scent hides 
don't you suppose 
She says in votive almost 
we're all quantum superposed 
cherry to walnut 
and between 
the rows 
we planted 
when August sent 
January wolves 

( well ma'am language crept up, 
I smiled belying my wobble axis knees 
river rain explain the vein clay 
and shale solve silver mutable 
we 'are often able 
to spend this time eating 
in a high gastropub treasonous state 
shovel to dainty doily faced
 just like in the movie 
the cook the thief his wife and her lover ... 
horse and buggy crystal radio seeding hiss and velvet 
wrapped copper wire whoppers we fed the stars 
and with our palms we fed each other each other) 

I swear She knew 
I liked cherry licorice 
breast warm 

poem says end me  now 
I dare do nothing else 

EJR © 

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