January 28, 2017

clouds and birdhouse theater after dark ...

gloaming snake sulfur coils we lit them in the summer time 
sidewalk base root advection scent we went thinking 
scenario after scenario imagining, I imagined ...

I imagined imagining as I imagined things 
bones circuses, bread ovens hidden 
in the tenacious forests between farms ...

limestone is thirsty rock 
wolves follow sheep and do as lions do 
they eat all along ways following the Sun 
season and day to day expression 
a string instrumented tone 
taut thumb taught picking 
a spot to jump in and dance 
this is an important trait 
when remembering we 
are awkward animals sometimes ...

we were just sitting there 
quiet faces worn supple supper 
slow chews choosing views to go 
with how we breathed like windows 
and marionettes, we kept getting 
the song of the trees, bare armed deciduous 
and the evergreens race etch-a-sketch shake catch 
and release each dream each time we wander 
the wonder and awe sequencing 
we coded the entryways 
and planted iris bulbs 
every November 
to remember 
in particular 
we always smiled 
when we thought 
like that 
fat in a moment 
that was beautifully familiar  


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