January 31, 2017

Lot's wife again (reprise)

enough ... 
is there ever reason 
to treason one's self ?

love and power 
are the flowers 
of the revolution 
and how they sometimes seem 
to be on hold, what number please 
can you ease the seat back 
and throttle me, destiny 
am I free to be or is that look 
one of instruction without words again 

I only memorized the scenes 
to vantage my lens 
the poems are fed these images 
while burning the emotional candy 
of living as close to hand to mouth 
as I can without leaving my bones behind 
as I dare find what's wrong with being 
in a world without a woman 
in charge of Heaven 
heave the haven 
and cue the music ...

it's that movie at the end 
where we all become
Lot's wife again (reprise) 


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