August 21, 2016

throw ponies and hosiery thieves

Laundry Hanging in Wash Alley, Genoa by Unknown Artist

how found do we feel sometimes 
when we see something 
we may have missed 
that was right in front 
of our eyes the (w)hole time
when we went looking 
for pieces of our divine  
to fall from the sky 
or rise as rain 
when dew 

poem and I call  
this collection 
the nose 
and give 
petal spit wishes 
around the intentions 
calendars, clocks 
and seasons have 
life after life 
on the line 



  1. Very clever, that backwards "wed."

    I love the space that follows, the way you create, "when do poem and I call?" ... as if you're courting her, asking her when it's okay to come over.

    This is my favorite section:
    "this collection the nose and give petal spit wishes around the intentions calendars, clocks" ... It's a little bit naughty, thus the "o" shy, of a noose. ;)

  2. I also like "throw ponies" instead of show ponies ... peonies ... pillows.

    And ho-sigh-airy thigh Eves ... I like that phrase too. Panties on the line, out to dry. I doubt it. My sky, at least, is rumbling with big plans to douse the front lawn ... and laundry, dirty or otherwise. Sometimes we leave clothes outside just for spite, to piss off the neighbors.