August 25, 2016

I do not fear much when bottom feeding my soul ............................. aka navigating the genesis claimant seas

art by Michael Hutter ©

what lies beyond ignoring 
what power lies within me 
to give in to tawdry bits 
of sentiment and pleasures 
that I may wear as masquerade, 
parading poem after poem 
until my bones become 
homes to worms...

this modern world 
full of false narratives 
and slight of hand
depends my friends 
on your mechanically derived lives 
it has need for your surrender 
to keep its gears a-whirring 
its blood-end spokes and teeth 
with their ever pressing hunger 
is without cause or salvation 
and chains you to 
a wheel you then heel to 
pretense-d with divine commands...

I say demand of yourself 
what hands and wings you know, 
what claws and fangs 
do and will grow 
to salve and anoint one's self 
with a proper crown and beggar tools... 

I may keep 
my mind full 
of foolish 
and sentimental things 
but only to hide 
from you what 
makes me sing 
key after key 
into each locked door 
and when past 
your glam station wicked 
oh world 
of false piety 
who covets 
this universe 
I know for sure
this beautiful place was 
never yours 
end to end or 
in the beginning...


1 comment:

  1. Wow, this is richly layered. I may keep my mind full of foolish and sentimental things. Ah yes, I am a fool with a light hearted soul that believes in dreams and dragon and heart shaped clouds. I'd dance in a field of wildflowers to hide the pain I feel inside. I would sing key after key to unlock the heart shaped door that holds love.

    Ok, it's me rambling once again :(