August 29, 2016


pine staminate
author unknown

 eventually a
s curves 
torque melody 
working rhythm labor 
to reward music 
sown alive 
while a world 
burns around them 
they are 
whorled chance 
leap and fall 

when there is a dangerous drive afoot 
laced sky to root worm ant winter 
a rind spine tine fine gesticulation 
when I can tell, linger, bring myself 
to a kelp sway frenzy, dreaming 
articulate glows and bones 
of this smell of a mythical you 
on the other side of ash and promise 

I said to poem, Tantalus, the egg eater 
needs to meet one who washes ashore 
tide and yolk with fragile shells 
the soul inside has a beautiful hue 
didn't you think so 
didn't you ever wonder 
why your sun was 
a hidden 
wrapped need for 
a fertile dared dark 
a maybe someday 
knowing life 
in spark birth rituals
like a forest pine 

poem says, why not get to the point 
this is a silk precipice 
cake and ale regale 
the right now 
how you want all  
her drumming goes 
hands on the chalice  
wheel blade and broom ...


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