June 4, 2016

incidentals ......................................

 the Poestenkill Gorge

what do I do ...? 

I choose 
to witness 
the theater 
of the end 
of the world 
as I pretend  
to know it as 
a styro-foam art 
of discount hotel 
rental experiences 

my salvations 
clam digging me  
bounce tug gently 
taken with me again 
stolen away 
for good 
this time 
it seems 
skin and flesh 
be they stitch loose 
or knotted 
can come apart 
of intentions 
to save life 
or otherwise 
the obscurities 
of their essences 
by trying to follow 
every path 
rain explains 
its elf algorithm with 

I lean in low listening song familiarity 
rare earth forms from wearing gravity ...

I am a low tide 
vantage-d vintage vine-d 
a deep and oh well and yeah 
high tide has 
flood insurance 
to sell you

so tell me 

your story where 
we bend and sway 
sometimes awake 
and aware we 
are wearing 
ourselves too thin 
here, in this life 
of late to spawn 
bone cage harmony 
belong and begin 
again, soul encoded : 
indivisible bye ...


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