June 4, 2016

............ does being a quiet austerity naturally follow debauchery

Faun Revealing a Sleeping Woman (Jupiter and Antiope, after Rembrandt) 
Pablo Picasso

I am surely 
not blind 
but I am 
to my nose  

I do not need 
to see words 
to be me 
all I need 
is the scent 
of love to lead 
bleeding me  

and while readers 
observers, we be 
one, to see, must 
never mistake 
finding one's self 
through some other me 
trying then 
to find mirrored 
in some 
one other 
than who you are 
always born to be 

after lifetime 
one's self 
in ways 
most in your life 
cannot or 
will not see 
or say you 
are behaving like 
this is 
the weight 
of anti-life 
and not nearly 
as pretty 
as death is 
sometimes ...

 I am a simple horny man 
who writes poems 
to emote and to feel 
the tremble weight lift 
kite key language 
of unlocked skies 
what passage 
through storms arise 
in my surrendering 
to a woman's exhale 
leopards pining ecstasy 
wolves lowering surprise 

me a sure  
with handles 
how beautiful 
the poem 
you are 
after this is 
for I am sure 
without mouths 
eyes or noses 
are flowers 
you home 
as well ...



  1. I love the last 2 stanzas in particular, and I really like the cove you have on your background for the blog.

    Thanks for your recent visit, and sorry for taking so long to visit back--it's been a busy week. I did appreciate your comment.

  2. This is my favorite part:

    "to a woman's exhale
    leopards pining ecstasy
    wolves lowering surprise"