June 3, 2016

modernity tries hard: android augment anguish, forge bellow skin ...................... manufactured apathy, chronicled accidentally

what I often think covers best part me 
stoned rain skip pattern glass velvet 
you all smells its, pollen stardust ahah(s) 
sun dagger lean clearings 
dive into thirteen circles 
the complete western hem 
gorge blood iron salt slow 

~ subatomic poem particle

conifer licking, timed a fire 
coming, painting along a landscape 
I calculated chances, random faith adhesion(s)

~subatomic poem particle 

left ventricle valence shell hell 
bent on not being empty when 


     or   stuck 


loop toy accidental small asteroid skim poems  
a caught deep in the heart-ed part of you, in the adirondacks 
childhood sliding adolescence, dew clung summer nights 
one though, I remember, my hands wet with clay 
leeches on my ankles, recording music stop sound 
peer silhouette flapping cardboard petal movement 
record keeping ablaze inside the marrow 
tomorrow still sleeping while 
a streaking sun goes on pushing words 
where scent might be seeking a memory 
or two or three or so on, woven to wear 
thin mountain once, low tide nursery rhyme ...


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