June 26, 2016

......... Icarian shadow elders and mitten dark loam(s) .................

Perissa Beach 2002
image courtesy of mcladdie.com ©

though just briefly and in passing
whenever I see the word Aegean 
I stop and want 
nothing more than 
to go back to Santorini 

I want to peel into 
dove tailed smiles  
my inner incubus 
sharing space succulent  
maids with the sea 
wading evening tide spills  
beneath the warm black sand 
at Perissa ... 

and when perusing 
this fantasy 
the resins bleed 
in knobby pine  
clay armatures 
for pots that look 
like broken skin to be 
for wine and 
what you want 
most to see 
in me ...

the realms stay the course 
I wait until morning 
comes, watch the Swedes 
do their yoga by the caves 
I then go 
to George's Taverna 
and eat eggs 
while sipping ouzo 
soda and lime ... 

last night 
one more time 
before this 
August day too 
does climb hot
trailed to where  
I always 
like to fall 
back into you ...



  1. You have some very lovely lines in this piece.

    I want to peel into
    dove tailed smiles

    such beauty in doves as they represent love and the smiles of what was or could be.

    I always
    like to fall
    back into you ...

    This line speaks to me. There are those memories that we cherish and always want to fall back into..can bring joy or sadness.

  2. The title, the closing, and this
    are my favorites:

    "while sipping ouzo soda and lime"