July 3, 2016

shadow boxing : decoupage whispers en masse underneath listening in Troy NY ghost palming the wet sand of Hades in maybe you deserve it(s) aka you're fucking scaring my dog you cretins who light fireworks in neigh born hoods with packed their old houses and canopy trees, America fuck yeah century coming in pulse cycled destinies that demand to be told by those daring the reins of power and bargain momentum

photo by Louis Daguerre, 1837

"...be a husband of the rain 
for it knows us well 
and in this stewardship 
your relations with humans 
shall improve with each 
turn of the Sun..."

here was a spirit 
clearing house 
where two rivers met 
principle jaunt 
to jilt calcium extraction 
erected in earnest 
as the 1800's grew into 
great reclaimed 
historical revision 
and began in earnest 
to have an effect upon 
the psyche 
of future generations 
of rebellious 

we played baseball 
here in the street 
stones throws 
in and around
these two 
inland rivers 

we began 
workers working 
baron land and
banking interests
kept  dimension 
behind the scenes 
colonial property owners 
imperial might revolution-ized 
profit margins 
with un-regulated slavery 
versus elevation
of the self 
as the natural course 
of country's creed 
of worshiping 
some elusive civic pride 

the mad hatter, march hare and alice all came from the 
seaside and opened dens of iniquity : alcohol, opioids and cocaine-sex in the alleys , they got government subsidies for the more disease prevalent the better to ensure lower life expectancies simply put there began to be too many 
lower and middle class people 
to attend to 
and the care providers 
wanted hand transplants 
because they dreamed every night 
they were Lady Macbeth 
and those spots were increasing 

because how many times did I have to say we we re meant 
for the destiny files we were made disposable weed 
whiskey and biscuit-potent comforts/the creatures 
that pursue with us the in-between moments 
of clarity we-first sought refuge in 

hyphae at the gates

once, I chanced upon 
a mushroom kingdom 
mycelium guards 
were sent to find which roots 
they could bind 
with my bones 
but my brain 
went gelatin glass 
liquid they didn't know 

cringied t\ i
the Sun 

t minus 1 zero hour
the sad leroy story : 

felt dizzy somewhat 
weak legged 
pleasantly sedated 
though to almost
 tied to something  
blast rock again 
knowledge fancy accelerating 
life cycle mete-ing metering feeds  
free knowing soul weights and trickeries 
webbed feet sweet swum low peeled piles 
of h uman experiences 

with gills and 
declination Sunlight
in sought after gloaming flight 
she has left us 
with disguise 
run rabbit run 
fill feel velvet fibrous fluid 
how fear's releases us into eating 
what will be sustaining 
remembering this air mass 

Summer sideways 
carriage of ass 
she is repose 
guile turning 
ever imperceptibly 
away from you 
while indulging 
in all her body sings 
it stings when 
you leave yourself 
in memory's warmth 
with her 
she knows 
and wind 
your feet 
your skin 
with tides 
what you crawl for 
in the complete dark 
of her Winter-fertile interior 

there are guidelines
daemon daguerreotypes 
caught theater sidelines 
of drama 
and comedy 
and candy 
vignettes paint 
bouquet light 

we have pictures 
of ourselves 
all the way 
back to when 
we weren't 

this consciousness 
you are having 
being alive 
is what at last 
you've precipice-d past 
leaped leper fear 
and isolation 
door perceive 

reed darling 
I'm borrowing 
the sight plans 
along your way 

hex ward relieve 
parliamentary gardens 
gone ancestral laces 
all those inhabitants 
inside places, beings 
and things 
I shudder to think of 
might they be manifest 
right behind me 
on a lone walk home 
past fallen stars, poems 


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