June 24, 2016

poem-the-bleeding ...................... strange fruit four suits vines seeded wind

incise decisions  
tie ride knots 
ways dreams learn  
of when 

circling in planetary  
drift netted-in 
equatorial waters 
life of hearth 
to belly clean inn 
fat tide gentle  
turbulent lean-in 

before I knew 
the Sun never meant 
to stray or go 
too far away 
from where 
milk to ground 
bone ratios
came to know 
the relationship 
between rain 
desert and mountain 
sky wobbled time 
the codices 
of expressions 
in the seasons 
when they settle  
when they change 

udder utter uteri 
their dances 
perusals carousels  
uses and usages 
their bites of us 
these bits 
and bitten with 
spits of information 

string theory 
popsicle sticks 
licking stamps 
for a stillness 
of inner pause 

if we must kill 
to pay the bills 
hear herded 
in the ridden wake 
of an america-n-eyed world 

this or that which 
canned events you lead  
willed or wanted to be 
construance art 
a jones town 
any attempting at order 
when spatially dismissing 
what we ought 
thought be real 
enough to promise into ... pearled  ambiguous 

poem comes trying its hands at remembering 

tuck told turbulent meaning leaning 
the freight circling round  
loomed world 
tropical to  temperate 
to polar pull 
to push know 
handle turning 
of the Sun in peer 
peak and bravado valley slung 
those waiting ...

red algae souls 
have holes 
where the holes 
get in 

the lawn 
is scattered 
with replica animal shrines 
and altered state church angles 

everything else 
except hermit 
hunting at night 
when ocean allows 
isn't all wrong 
but I need 
more proof 
we're tape-looping 
the instructions 
onto poem 

kelp sway savage  
formula repose 
drinking sugar water 
needing salt so you weigh 
desert journeys 
to get to know 
and rain 
and their ways 
of sane claiming 
nothing in particular 

between age 
and erode 
the road  
going on ...

mesmerized eyes dance 
lilt to lull olfactory surmise 
I went hunting for causes 
to believe in couldn't see them 
but I got lost in the scent of their wake 
was it all burning insanity 
to the what has to take place 

sewn into the wind 
was tinder flint 
court beg to luxury 
intrigue park 
world's fair crazed 
late 1800's 
veering with twentieth century  
lark and taste 
starling insurgencies 
plied back alleys 
gas lamp to electricity
hope slipped to 
when none 
thought to be leery of  

I only meant to ribbon 
the poems toothed w/today 
and in that regard 
I almost 
always meander willow switch flicked 
to where I wasn't itching anymore 
I lay down by the river bleeding out 
almost whole where the holes got in 


Moon to Mars 
cabal voice intercept 
while listening 
to am radio 
in the middle 
of a nowhere 
desert southwest 
of the united states 
fasting fists fulls 
of sweat 
my mind set 
passing stones 
and blood 
over tracts 
and homes 

" ... fucking repugnancy 
teeming chemical chain broken 
humans and their beautiful spoken 
murmuring in flow 
why do we have 
to give them a sense 
of their having a chance 
while we slit their throats slowly 
in each of their next lives 
they're weighted with sea 
and me and you  
with the pieces 
we all feel  
on re-entry ..."


foaming desire 
will to speak 
the mouths  
by the sea 
cuvée delta 

river hair 
mud wombs 
where bandages 
with blood 
mix into 


in the rise 
and fall 
of me and 
you and 
all else 
that is guise 
and not necessary 
to finding our way 


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