April 2, 2016

in the spaces between thee ( #NaPoWriMo2016 )

Nancy Ford Cones "The Dryads" c. 1934 Cyanotype Photo 

I was sure I could make 
even mannequins come alive 
with their scents 

sewn into a next time 
you read 
a bedtime story 

see if you can find 
this poet and sinner 
wearing himself thin 
where you sense 
I close my eyes 
to be far away 
nearby prayer 
middle too 

witches are always 
going to be 
my hot mothers 
even Baba Yaga...

all the kids today 
are spoiled lest us forget 
modernity has given us 
pictorial hunger in place of words 
games of blurry lines 
and names we call people 
on the outside of things...

I say, let's renew 
the hansel-gretel games instead 
I'll play the crow 
eating the crumbs 
you sisters leave behind
while you all just play 
me or the other faces 
I wear to keep my heart 
from dying too young 
without a place 
like this forest 
you sisters wear 
for me to grow old with 
on the corner(s) 
covered trunk(s) 
and vine(s) 

seems poem 
has always 
liked to be 
every willing 
and gifted 



  1. "I was sure I could make
    even mannequins come alive"

    I have no doubt that you could. :)

    That's one of my goalz in lyfe: to be a hot Momma.

    "and names we call people
    on the outside of things" ... I love this. On one hand, you're talking about kids mean-name-calling when it comes to the kids who are on the fringe(s) of things. But also, we DO name "the outside of things" ... like people, when really, maybe we should be "naming" their insides instead.

    Something extra here: "I say, let's renew" ... Let's re-knew. Get to know each other again, and be more truthful, maybe? Without the cover-ups.

    "hansel-gretel" ... hand sell, greet all

    I like reading this as if the speaker is a kidnapper, having stolen some little girls, but feeling completely justified, perhaps righteous about it all. I'm fascinated by the psychology behind that stuff. Serial killers, kidnappers, yada yada. So the title makes me picture these little girls locked up in a room while he's gone, and he's basically trying to convey that his presence is ever in the spaces between them. A mind-fuck sort of thing.

  2. I like and appreciate that you joyfully romp inside the words...

    1. I like and appreciate that you let me!