April 1, 2016

(#NaPoWriMo2016) forse fiori temporanei, sempre lasciano il loro profumo dietro

                                                                    perhaps temporary flowers, always leave their scent behind

Jean Seberg c 1960's

the Goddess smiled at me and said 
poet, remember how this elixir sits 
and that my body is always going to be 
moving sands and the cycles of rain 

for she is Jean Seberg and Hypatia 
and every time I see her on the screen 
I fall in love all over again
and every time I read about 
Jean Seberg's life, I cry 
because we have always 
killed souls like hers 
souls that dare steal the light 
and run into where the shadows 
are a-muck and making tomes 
into an ink that stains us 
with dogma, doctrine 
and the rules of the road(s) 
humanity has been traveling on 
since we decided being civilized 
allows us to unleash our inner barbarism 



  1. A vry interesting poem...hummmmm.....I fear the poet may be right?

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    1. How is it
      I am compost
      and you the composite sketch artist extreme
      the beam balance blanch glass menagerie
      I may be willy loman but for a few sips
      or seconds near i can swear to the gods
      and wear waxed feathers too...

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