March 26, 2016

a poem odd side of my life, can be served as an accom-pan-iment with sunday supper

i try and remember 
mostly scent and stain 
that's it i was an underbelly purveyor 
some thing, why the three faces of eve 
magnetism sensual crones weaves 
slow sight September blue sky 
i try and remember 
you, each time it rains 
missing an umbrella 
or some other pause 
perhaps a comma 
or some artsy theater bluff 
that i knew grammar and punctuation 
well enough to be 
a subverted transmogrified 
immutable smoke billowing poet... 

with whisper covens
pillows turning the crackles 
a dry pine tree after yule 
our own fire and epiphany day 
or so the calendar said... felt rite too
wise men from the east...
do you not want to venture 
curiosity two wards there...
what, trust us you say...
hmm, let me eat this fruit 
and think about it for a bit...listen for me praying...
i can charm the iron in her blood...

that's us both chanting derivatives

i try and remember 
the pleasures not pain 
smiling at all beauty 
because sometimes 
fragrantly received 
are thee and so on etc 
blah blah forth now and all the other 
commuter words we extend 
our sentence allowance and width 

yes i'm shutting up 
pocket full feel good stuff 
nobody looking at me, 
finger your salt just us

i try and remember 
how once i straddled over you 
laughing at the silliest things 
i said i want to lick your spine 
you heard i want to lick your pine 
and said well that's outside...

i try and remember 
time will eventually 
eat my remains 
or ash back
the clouds, wind and oceans 
scattering poems 
bones tails on a kite 
ghost glows 
following souls...



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. It has been a windy few days that's for sure...thank you for being...

  2. i enjoy the spine and pine debacle

    1. molto grazie per averlo notato...