February 22, 2016

a deprivation chambered youth liberty foray on Edna St Vincent Millay's Birthday...

Millay at the swimming pool, 1940
via millay.org

she was born February 22nd, 1892

(she might have said 
even the thought 
of a fig leaf 
here, is useless)

near Austerlitz I take care
to lean onto the right lane 
easing up 
on her shoulder
and off the road...

stopped, I gaze out 
my window 
at the cliffs 
and wonder 
which one, is she now...

bowsprit, house or tree 
does she cling 
a tenacious stubborn scent
is she edifice and mercy 
or wind and bleeding 
does she wield poem's 
molecular subtleties 
is she now preternatural 
imperceptible knives 
explaining how time is caught 
in the willing bouquet(s) 
noses know when immersed  
in a midnight's oil... 

was she inside 
the cycle of water
the ocean once 
again, mouth full 
of clay and shale 
would she say 
we were mountains ago 
cock-sure at that 
now paying rent
meant for alms, 
the loam and fat...

I guess she always
was and is the poem 
beneath and above 
a silt to sand and
hand organ music 
a grand to ground recital 
a what is whispered 
when why worn bones 
slowly leave a soul 
a stone fade 
eroding quickly  
both ends 
title too 



  1. Nancy Boyd. I will try to find and read her.

    I love these:

    "near Austerlitz I take care
    to lean onto the right lane
    easing up
    on her shoulder
    and off the road..."

    "is she edifice and mercy
    or wind and bleeding" ... So insanely, do I dig this.

    "does she wield poem's
    molecular subtleties"

    "was she inside
    the cycle of water"

    "I guess she always
    was and is the poem"

    "when why worn bones
    slowly leave a soul" ... I love this image. It isn't the soul that leaves the body; it's the body that leaves the soul.

    "title too
    burning" ... This makes me so sad. But sometimes it's just the way it has to be. Title of a body // of words. A person. Is.

  2. Would you be interested in this?


    1. oooh...looks fun...will be leaping in...

    2. Groovy. I look forward to it.

    3. posted it as a comment to your post...

  3. This is about you:


    She's my best friend for life.
    I'll never meet her.