February 18, 2016

cyclical age theory...

cyclical age theory         versus 
hurtling to hover above divine singularity 

so far we have shown 
we are too quickly given 
over to vice 
and pleasures 
when gaining knowledge 
whereas once 
we fed instinct 
instead of stain 
ignorance is bliss 
our slogan repeated 

we are seated 
where progress 
is now a disease 
of elucidation 
material degradation 
our spirit on fire, wearing 
weight upon our bones 

and with heaven 
and hell not safe 
from our desires 
has modern humankind 
merely become a shiny hood ornament 
atop an accident waiting 
to happen, speeding down 
some imaginary line 
of the future, progress 
aims to cut into  

needing sight somewhere 
between reckless 
and capable, we end up 


beyond the thievery 
and consumption 
of our mortal eyes  

and in order to steer 
clear of the danger(s)  
inside our illumination(s)  
every chaos we encounter
with our perpetual pursuit 
of a mastery over 
its domain and will... 
carries mirror spider
sown broken telomeres 
cellular breakdown 
finds us all 
eventually, sends 
our souls searching 

how is it 
we expect to grow
when we cannot 
see ourselves 
in a future 
often enough 
to even know 
smells like

so far we have shown 
we are, too quickly given 
over to vice 
and pleasures 
when gaining knowledge 
whereas once 
we fed only instinct 
instead of stain 
ignorance was bliss 
our slogan repeated 



  1. "how is it
    we expect to grow
    when we cannot
    see ourselves
    in a future
    often enough
    to even know" No kidding.

    Three tiny alterations, and the "repeated slogan" paragraph is not truly repeated. Change is possible, if only one word at a time. Past, present, and future: not one exists without a "t." Golf, shirt, or hot drink; you decide. I'm leaning toward shirt. With a slogan on it. Front and back, to really drive home the message with repetition.

  2. Your stuff is definitely meant to be read aloud, as most poetry should be. :)

  3. Maybe knowledge is to see the walls of our prison... Maybe that's the forbidden fruit.

  4. I echo De's sentiments.. this is amazing stuff!!

  5. Your expert line breaks and double meanings set you apart from the average poet.

    Like here:
    "so far we have shown
    we are too quickly given" ... Meaning that we give ourselves away too easily, probably because we just crave attention and flattery, even if it isn't genuine. We all want to be liked, if not loved. It's the human condition. What if Eve didn't cave in to temptation because she wanted the "forbidden fruit" and all that knowledge and power; what if she just wanted that snake to like her so that she could feel good about herself? I mean, Adam was busy doing God knows what (literally). He thought she was fly at first, but then he probably got bored with her and went off to play with the animals, leaving Eve to fend for herself. Any woman would do the same thing, if she were honest. But hardly any people are honest --- female or male.

    Also here:
    "we fed instinct" ... You're trying to squeeze out "in stink't."

    "we are seated" ... Here, you're saying we're too sedentary, which is just as much a sin as anything else. Also, maybe we're sinning while we're seated.

    "where progress" ... Here, you've hidden "pro grass." Experts at picnic-ing and smoking dope. Relaxing, in other words.

    "is now a disease" ... dis-ease; yes, it most certainly is; we've crossed a line for sure, having lost some very valuable treasures along the way

    "of elucidation" ... of fellow/hello sedation

    "our spirit on fire, wearing" ... It's exhausting to burn.

    "and with heaven" ... wit-heaven, with heaving

    This is a very powerful statement:
    "and with heaven
    and hell not safe
    from our desires" ... Scary, really.

    "has modern humankind" ... human, kind (ness)

    "hood ornament" ... This makes me think of my hip-hop/"hood" music. Also a hoodie. Also Little Red Riding Hood. Innocence veiled. Is she only pretending to be nice to the wolf (and grandma)? In the end, is she going to kick everyone's ass with some killer taekwondo moves?

    "atop an accident waiting" ... These hides a girl's sexy halter top, waiting ... to cause an accident. Or maybe "waiting" means she's a virgin, waiting until marriage; but still, she shows off the goods.

    "to happen, speeding down" ... hap-pen; and when you line-break it like this, "down" is always a soft fluffy comforter

    "some imaginary line" ... drugs, but they're not real ... "speeding down" IS your cocaine

    "aims to cut into" ... This means that progress is going to cut the future in two (pieces); people will split into factions of opposition, which will lead to true world war (good against evil, progress against tradition and simplicity, God against Satan)

    This speaks a world of truth to me:
    "needing sight somewhere
    between reckless
    and capable, we end up" ... I just can't figure it out. So yeah, assin' it up, I guess. (And yup; that's why we're "here.")

    "and in order to steer" ... This is you, going all "man-animal" on us.

    "every chaos we encounter" ... Choice is also inside "chaos." And maybe Caius and Caiaphas (but that's a stretch).

    "perpetual pursuit" ... pure pet you all purr suit ;)

    "of a mastery over" ... There's "mass hysteria" in there, and also "mass stare; why over?"

    "its domain" ... You're talking about web sites.

  6. "carries mirror spider" ... This is a mixture of Stephen King's "Carrie," self, Sylvia Plath, and (c)id/er. Id dare. ID dare. Kidder. Back to the SP, we get "spitter." Mirror-spitter. Carrie is a mirror-spitter. She's killing everyone, and she hates her momma for turning her into this insane person. But ultimately, she hates herself most of all.

    Good to know:
    "Telomeres are an essential part of human cells that affect how our cells age. 1,2. Telomeres are the caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect our chromosomes, like the plastic tips at the end of shoelaces."

    "cellular breakdown" ... You're also referencing cell phones. We sort of stopped existing when they went from basic phone-calling devices to ... this madness.

    "eventually, sends" ... Eve/vent/you/all/lie: sends ... You're talking about email or whatever data one might send over the Internet. You're bringing Eve into the present-day.

    "our souls searching" ... sea/see arching ... also soles; walking on water, searching for Jesus, but at the same time for mermaids; we're in constant battle within ourselves between our religion and our sex/(c)ravings, et cetera

    "how is it" ... This is your way of going back to the former, the ocean sex, asking how it is. And ultimately, if it's worth it.

    "we expect to grow" ... ex-pecked ... going back to an ex, just to try to feel better, and to "grow" (i.e., to get some)

    "when we cannot [grow]
    see/sea ourselves
    in a future
    of/ten enough" ... Seriously, every single line hides something. It's captivating.

    "to even know" ... As opposed to odd. To know balance. To know Eve.

    You need another "what" here:
    "to even know
    smells like" ... Looking for a scent. Sniffing for a vision. We're never going to find things like this. Or are we only going to find things like this? One is probably likely.

    "so far we have shown" ... Shhh-own. This is when you quietly own someone.

    "we are, too quickly given" ... Talking about wounds, ripping skin open to the quick. Also quick wits. But that comma says that "we are" (we exist, we feel, we come to life) when we give ourselves in this way.

    "over to vice" ... I love the way you slipped in the cop, here and at the top.

    "when gaining knowledge" ... There's always a suicide waiting to happen inside of "knowledge."

    "whereas once" ... we're ass once (or eleven times, in Spanish)

    "we fed only instinct" ... Ooh, this time I caught the FED. Yikes. Well that means, internally, we bring out the FEDs any time an "only" opportunity presents itself. We're scared of committment, of love. Our instinct is to try to put it behind bars.

    "instead of stain" ... "stain" is somewhat close to "Satan," I just realized ... and it IS "satin" ... also "sat in," as in a protest (that's over)

    "ignorance was bliss
    our slogan repeated" ... It really was. But not anymore. Once you've bitten, you can't unbite. Also, "re-peated." This is when you bury yourself because you just don't know what else to do, even if you're not dead yet. Maybe you can at least fertilize someone else ... like your children. Hopefully they stand a better chance than you do, especially if you try to make their minds stronger so they can avoid giving themselves to the apple. Or becoming it.

    Oh wait, you're not burying yourself. You're burying your slogan. Because WTF; it just isn't working. So now what?

    You have a brilliant mind, Edward. Always, the (w)heels are turning. I always enjoy my visits.

  7. Here's this, if you're interested:


  8. Our progress is our demise. I believe we will come full circle but we will sacrifice along the way.
    Thought provoking poetry.

  9. This really made me think as poetry should do.

    1. and it was kind of, sort of meant as a prefrontal cortex come on, I mean in hindsight...the idea of the poem is to love the sentient ones... : ^ )