February 25, 2016

eventually there was the demon-ification of her tending to grains with fulcrums and courtly circuses

illustration by Svetlana Dorosheva ©

(background noise for secular-ites)

she conversed in earth 
was averse-d to curses 
but avowed never to be
anything but an equal 

(prologue to conversation)

this piece is poised 
sailing windward ease 
in clenched poet seas 
mechanical(s) set 
in motion 
without keys

(at the train station there she was, 
poem and I became distracted)

her nips through fine weave tease me
my tannins, my locks picked at mythical inns 
housing my imagined glass meager coterie 
of leeward mingle worn moms, sack cloth wrapped figurines
sorted by proms, zero penance promiscuities   
and no risk lick her twice on sunday(s) 

god would have us be a dog 
instead of a wolf running wild 
lilith knew to steal for balance 
long cycle countenance damned 
a nose driven madness 
is a much purer divinity 

(the monologue that stood as conversation)

"...one cannot break what is already broken, misrule lord 
any light born from my shadow be bonnier indeed 
than your trumpeted dawn(s), such poor beautiful wombs...

'tis not enough 
hidden treasured places 
righteous folds 
or sacred spaces 
in your spread fingered 
reaching manifest 
what you attempt 
to bend ahead, contaminates 
human concepts of time 
and is quite beyond your sight lines
I can bless more with a nose tilled spring
than you can with all your churches 
demanding thy bones be hallowed... 

hollow praise pleased 
ask of yourself 
at stilled mirrored midnight 
could thee see 
any more clearly lent 
than when you might be 
driftwood in an ocean 
of my scent...

I think not 
as do you...

and though 
those humans 
have a bogey hidden need 
for tragedy as teacher 
orgasm too, is 
a seeded bleed 
for their most ancient 
mother may I(s) waiting 
basket empty, sating 
chance(s) taken 
in the tide-
breathing reeds..."



  1. This is so true:

    "...one cannot break what is already broken"

  2. "IFication" is a great word.