April 18, 2015

#NaPoWriMo 2015 no.18

Cheshiahud and Tleboletsa,
last Native residents of Lake Union.
Photo from Seattle Historical Society Collection

we posed, after we made it 

it was breathless rules only
breakfast became quite quiet
slippery viscosities whisking 
what of us that is different 
from how we taste to each other 

we normally did nothing normal 
kept thermal pulse imagery handy 
wept for dead bug carcasses after Winter 
we said things like the converse of you 
I would like to chew for awhile

we admired the beaver dams 
keepers of silk in silt filtration
marshes and our cured stoned deposits
we used to collect clams at low tides 
clinging to old we posed, after we made it


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