April 18, 2015

#NaPoWriMo 2015 no.17

The Matchbox, London, by Wolfgang Suschitzsky. 1936 ©

stealing into what if...

...I am a selfish salvation-ist
I am a merciful idiot 
I am running 
through the house 
in stained underwear 
acting as if I am 
still a child 
kicking and dancing 
in delight to the sound 
of a clock striking 
Saturday night 
Wednesday evening 

...I listen to the sound 
of someone's birthday 
off the back deck 
having a cocktail 
while smoking a cigarette 
do I wish every gift given 
was a core poem line
something I could unwrap 
and get to know in time

why, yes I do 
wouldn't you...?


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