April 18, 2015

#NaPoWriMo 2015 no.16

image by Edward Rinaldi ©

heart of coal and soul, a burning glow...

sometimes is what I say 
when I mean all the time
I don't remember 
how to stop thinking 
about when as a place 
somewhere to get back to
when I think I can start 
living in a now 

and scent 
I get it 

stories, toils and deals
I am emptying emotions 
organizing my toys with wheels 
pull strings, wind-ups 
and march-ie marches 
my doll brigade fades faces 
parades paces laces the naive 
in me still, any demand 
I have that points
to sentimentality 
on a sliding 
price scale variance 
is why 
I pray for subsidies
in the rain

at birth 
I was assigned
a game plan 
this laminated 
one sheet 
to be used 
as a guideline
for being
a clever lying lion 
Lot's schadenfreude wife
a bar coded numerical formula
leading back to Zoroastrianism
with bibles torahs 
and qur'ans clamoring
their what about me(s)
we being maybe(s) 
we being connected
we being counted on

I knew 
I could be 
the jaw 
of an ass too
an expression 
of wanting
to know...

is my sense
of ancient and sacred 
an assured or construed 
with as many things 
I can possibly think 
of to fit into currents
currency currently...

lip read screen 
service fan manuals 
for when
air conditioning 
breaks down...

spotty electrical service
is a sign of true survival
of the fittest progress
the politicians today
are fond of saying 
as it brings everyone 
so closely aware 
of right now, because
when the lights go out
it is another sometimes 
coming around again...


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