April 17, 2015

#NaPoWriMo 2015 no.15

Illustration from the 1834 edition of Niels Klim's Journey Under the Ground.

king early science fiction 

space age tin toys
turned our hands 
theft dexterous
fingers clasped 
and bent around 
an object 
and observer 
worn wonder 
wears on you 
in the futures 
we suppose

mostly we sell ourselves 
mechanical adherents
back door grandfather clause-ing 
the extra-cellular ritual 
confession that any artifice of time 
we may have held onto 
matters not when it rains...

there is always 
another soul's thoughts 
perusing your sacred
sense of now
your conscious 
mind when
bones seeking
flesh again...

you wind up 
potential kinetic together(s)
at a watering hole 
the barkeeps 
wear skeleton keys 
for the really exotic stuff 
and you have to ask for it...

miniature demons 
and good things 
with wings 
mostly spirits 
inside glass
smartly labeled 
with cute 
and barbed 
and off(s) 
display shelf 
all for sale 
what avails 
your desired 
way enough 
out there


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