March 17, 2015

an odd dream...

photo courtesy of AlbanyPoets dot com ©
(photographer was either Keith Spencer or Thom Francis)

an odd dream in vaudevillian velvet and clever ill repute
(Spring reveals how much dog shit the snow hid)

champagne glass leaning back laughing
a ready tide spill joy filled symphony
ride the rabbit hole 
dark infinities 
hide in the light

many merry meet the propped ass fae

this time year sweet 
seep bleed crawl elliptical necessity 
cycle Sun, little yellow star 
geometry and the wee folk 
some may see 
when where 
wears matter 
not to feel 
but rather 
the let go...

there were moments bottled rains 
we knew would not come along again for awhile 
times lucky upon something 

best to bathe in water 
drawn from streams 
after midnight 
during a new moon...

these are the things 
the we wee dreaming 
wanted to remember 
just as they were discovered, 
in ever lasting taste and thrill...

bubbling well 
bell bottomed 
tells doubling 

she laughs for me 
come with her  
burgeon and crawl fire...

she whispers 
street corners 
and once was(es) 

says all you've 
got to do is fall 
in love enough times 
to get through 
what you think 

death and wombs 
swim the junes

I remembered 
how it sounded
the stretching of morning 
into night's linger
when she said, 

"articulate flesh, 
can be the best 
of our pet intentions..."

I smiled 
some time between 
the pantry door 
and out back  
I had kissed her 
where bone met skin 
and gesticulation 
and she was gone...
now is all about 
having me wake up 
scent and sound 
fleeting raw haze 
car clamor outside 
broken glass 
old wood 
peeling paint
telling me 
it was time
to go dance 
for the dollar again


  1. just woke up from this dream it seems...tho I tried so hard to stay asleep...

    1. millstones, eggs and chrysalises... "...these are a few of my favorite things..."