March 19, 2015

canvas hat, portable spade and goatskin...

image by Edward Rinaldi ©

"Fires outside in the sky, look as perfect as cats...", 
Robert Smith, Andrew Tolhurst, The Cure

canvas hat, portable spade and goatskin

the green man is feline playing on
archaeological weather station radio

excavation evocative earlobe douchery 
dickery dastardly new poem gather(y) 
hear the sound found 
when words want to be 
what you want more of  
mouth stumbling wishful utterances 
or so much surrender to give
you just can't talk...?

I see the scent
now in rise 
is this why 
pain leads to 
wings sometimes 

just crawl around 
trace the poems 
brush away 
and dig into
the thirsty dirt 
for mud 
and clothes 

egad, the temperature rose 
with daylight precipitously...

you hope 
your hypothesis 
is a good idea 
a fat bulb burning 
yearning soup a gain 
when it is hot outside 

...sweat the sweet bits off ya kid 
you don't want this life to be sugary slid 
into someone else's pocket 
lest you ever misunderstand 
the reason salt is in the rain...

(narrator leans in close)

...lock this away 
for keeps sake 
then forget where 
that key is... dig...?



  1. I like the dark and cavernous imagery.

  2. Thank You for saying such...