March 17, 2015

vernal vernacular...

photo by Edward Rinaldi ©

vernal vernacular

you spend me 
lost inside wear 
molecule and sin 

you send me 
cost inside ware 
each life a thin world 
you said

a cell 
each end 
to begin 

we shine 
and covet 
we gift 
to ourselves
until sacrifice 
wins out 
just the smallest 
of pieces 

clocks try
to measure us 
by movements 

we only register 
an impermanent 
ghost glow 

and infinity
come to know
our values 
and arts 
low brow 
to high tide 
what tills 
what tithes
what reasons 
it takes us
to keep renewing 
our blind faith
in love, lust 
and humanity 
when it is Springtime 


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