February 22, 2015

the nose life passage key...

image by EJR ©

the nose life passage key 

destiny determinate 
gambling most times 
can also sometimes 
be exemplified by
an especially insistent 
hard Winter slurry 
finger covet clutched 
embraced ice holding
onto old souls 
valley worn mountains 
and rivers dammed with ice 

the air is choked 
pent up intention, 
here is a set 
of variables met 
where madness seeks 
to vine where it can
we are starving 
to bleed ourselves 
into the Sun again

Spring is going to be expensive this year 
price warrant-less searching 
cavities and perspectives 
session mandate memory as allocated
elliptical membrane cell theory gravity 
outcome manipulation 
willingness to play
dark knight recluse syndrome 
loving ladies in the lake 
wanting them continually 

to birth me 
blade wheel spun 
wet till clay-ing time
in blurs, unfurls 
my thought processes 
become plants 
ever open wounded roots
bloom hungry why 
harvest thrive is
calendar theft expression
clock mastery for words
I have written 
and spoken 
to give my eyes 
something to do
other than to fixate
on fucking some you 
and being in some other 
place and thread and loom 
never able to recall 
where we have been 
without smelling 
something of a kind 
of scent turned map first 
while we keep 
out the light


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