February 20, 2015

vitamin D today as the sun higher climbs into me...

Courtesy of Alexander Gray Associates:
'Centered' (2002), Joan Semmel ©

vitamin D today as the sun higher climbs into me

centering impossible to determine things 
often drives the eyes to mad rendering
scenting pool liquid soul marrow
at the bottom of the pot, clocks
slow stir atop fire to an up close

we let go of need 
often warmed with
last Winter stacked stilled
gathered and burning 
for us to keep
moving through the lens 
and what our sense of self is

the flight goes on scheduled 
despite fighting arctic eddy hair 
whispering prattle teeth and rake 
powder snow 
poems in mares tails 
fine themselves across my
very own throat-ed bare 
raw and ready 
for Spring landscapes...

I had been wishing for fireballs 
to become one
of these moments 
pieces, poems piercing 
as if stolen coal aglow rowed
over the night sky 
for days now, wishing...

last night one appeared
bled brilliant blue nudity 
carved my artful corpuscle-d dark 
the knife of time plunging deep 
into the terribly cold air...


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