May 5, 2014

past Beltane, eating my apathy...

painting by Michael Hutter ©

Prometheus and tinkering by monkey fucking realities

i want a strong spirit
a lip puckering-ly dry desert
squalor pale leaping erode

why was it that i wanted
abyss kissing as an afterthought
my soul a hole where a body used to be
a ghost residue of burn and taking time for tea
i know the names of the saints
in the hymnal chant and prayer books
the lemon seed oil rubbed dark grains
wear thin pants to feel bone pressed
hewn wondered hard wood can become
part relic and savior portal harbor
slip and berth empty bodies
and shells without the continuity
and community of a soul in the tides

in our inanimate carriage
of time already served...
a bit of a spirit remains
akasha-laden five fingers
five points of light, the fight
in each pair of our eyes
always depends on the size
of our will and intention
to take chances
at tables and dark places

mete- meeting metal ores,
temporaneous grasses
and fruit bearing trees
the wind and the rain
carry the explanations
and identities

mirrors and mirrors
windows and walls...
you, yes you
the needed observer
are piloting this particular universe
crept quiet trying
to steal fire too
finding a way back
to the womb again

so, the crows and ravens
hide the divides
eating my poisons
by liver-ed chains
and mentions
of intestinal distress
i guess you know
my name by now
crag seeking a view
from what is here
for your eternities…


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