April 28, 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014 #23

gardening grandiosity

the pauper ale
in the single cup
this is your soul
sole sold corner
hard way to glory
surrender for power
choose me mushrooms say
eat me the mirror whispers

I steal a glance
at what mood my face
really shows the world outside
madness always waits

never is a subtle enough
cellular anticipatory velvet
guide line lusts, lockets
and the knocks of opportunity
take thy reins
steal what you can
for daylight is finite  
ambulation, articulation
and divination
are all offerings
for a cycle completion

you stand at midnight
wonder if the math listens
clouds racing by
sly lyrical knives
words divides

the lime light is
a dark earnest theft
when you said unleash
what ye bring
now is a pair of wings
that perpetuities sing
as harpies sting
time unseen picking
your bones
of their experiences
and cages


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