May 5, 2014

drive me somewhere...

Monty Hall-ment la reine de l'acide dans un film de Louis Malle

it's not a kardashian ass
i told her, but
it is more than
lethal enough when wielded by her
participle-partner-feather-boa –swagger-dark-eyes

we might have said
pulled off in a dimly lit
industrial parking lot
culture’s got to the point where dark circle theater is uplifting
we were all becoming tiny wholly angelic to demonic desperation(s)
entireties whorled, whirled, worlds of fingers, foals and carriage
attila the hun would've like raisinets i thought

attacking the climactic syntax
in little by little bites helps frame
the resolution of divulge and dilution
how revolution is sometimes a poem,
bayonet and brain stuck extricating
from the past as a flesh eaten moment seized open

how time is consumed
how it is a box gone through
an attic find in an old house fallen to you
seen too scene waiting to see 
someone listening to
each creak and bellow
minute hand over hand
porcelain second helpings
mechanical unwinds
bathed in magnet kelp sea reaches                                                                                 
we knew the movie reel ending
and were wading the odd
scribble of numbers and
crayon font white flicker letters

a kind numbing agent
crept in sweeping
its deception guile
shadow and light
politely wished us a goodnight
and i don’t remember how i came to
wake up wearing this much of you


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