April 26, 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014 #21

painting by Luis Ricardo Falero 

A new day is worth your weight in salt

we mapped the night

scented unfurled
stealing oxygen
inhale to exhale
scene by scene
indelible tiny cuts
we acted directed
in the moment
in the slow
evaporative yearn
of our lives

mechanical strewn
along eternal lines
we are mouthed hunger
for roads, miles ahead
late April sideways leaning
windows are lemming urged
to run quickly cool to heated
warding off jesters by angle

shadows and sunlight
play geometry games
cats cradles and dusty boxes
marking time by seasons
cages bones and other articulate parts
left behind thinking by paper whites
we are arc ark and covenants
we are trailing someone, to our future and past,
who might want to follow us as a way home where
they might regard themselves
warm and cozy snug womb striations

culled pushcart peddlers
wanted Rumpelstiltskin terms
miller, daughter, every west of eden
every east of nod plum trees
and moss on the northwest passages
worn dawns curl tucked parts of morning
what’s beneath the blankets
you murmur something
in your sleeping coming
to an awakened state something
about the way birds build bridges
pierce-noting little melodies
that let you know another night
has passed and the daylight
is fighting for your attention too



  1. it's good to know that there's a day ahead with sunlight and fresh air - love the birds building bridges and pierce-noting little melodies..

  2. shadows and sunlight
    play geometry games <- brilliant description

    You captured the waking moments wonderfully, the intrusion of waking on the world of dreams.

  3. To be blessed from the night-mares into the awakening into a dawn of bliss.

  4. Very seductive and skilfully written piece - I enjoy this very much - Thank you... With Best Wishes Scott www.scotthastie.com

  5. I often feel disappointed when I wake up in the middle of a dream. They're far more creative than my daytime thoughts!

  6. Wonderful descriptive write of the jumble that is dreamland - the awakening, pure perfection.
    Anna :o]

  7. yes, life can distract us from the moment!

  8. So many fun lines here that tickled me, "culled pushcart peddlers
    wanted Rumpelstiltskin terms" was only one of many.