April 25, 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014 #20

art by Luis Ricardo Falero 

revision by collision (thirsty water)

massive earth shift
wobble frozen oscillates
we lean then careen
feel centrifugal forces plied
prying our tendencies
to be crying
against the entryways
to our inner shrines

we have always dined
on opportunities
shed skins every Spring
we sang songs we heard
before each calamity
brought us to wonder
on our knees
we tended to be as beautiful
as we ever were
hearing the soul’s
standard melodies
and rhythms

we have always wanted to feel
why we uphold hope and prayers
which warm tender mercies we have
are wings and which are mythologies
we refuse to let go as
we accumulate dangerous amounts
of drag on the dreams we dare have
having to live in the wake
of still alive while picking up the pieces
of never quite trusting what shines
in us hypnotized and sleeping


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