April 24, 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014 #19

art by Luis Ricardo Falero 

back to the garden at vacation bible school

we played roles
she was marionette
and I was the herdsman
what were we
supposed to do
just read
history tomes
follow literal March
into glorious April
regard dying
even of neglect
as gold by waiting
for something
to resurrect

most of us
I thought
torture self
shelf and half-life
not minding
being ignored when
pain sneaks out
seeking the beauty
inside of things
both known and
unbeknownst to us

we thirsted timeless uncertainties
found them to be freeing
our moment to moment theater
was tea lust and paintbrush
canvas knees up arching
a glass tide howl
trowel, bricks, mortar
and our cornerstone desires
made the wine here

our smelt-guile eyes
became slavery by scent
following rain
we crawled upstream
the sounds of stars
guided our palms
we were clutching
in mindful lingers
belly to cup spill
lip to lip releases
every finger we found
went crooked into
our rich loams
and creases


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