April 23, 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014 #18

engraving 'Temple-des-Muses' by Michel de Marolles

Hypnos and mercury spilling

we might have been friendly once
bent outwardly and seemingly benign
but make no mistake we were a malignancy
upon any complacency we could see

we gave up taste long ago
promising ourselves that in order
for scent to wear the crown
we would mob mental vision
into the ground

we would worship freely
the gods and goddesses
of maximum extracted profiteering
and whether teetering on disembowelment
or the elusive sugaring
of dopamine trees
we would use knees
on concrete to make anyone
beg for the memory
of the grass again

the flowers are friends
every insect and feathered mend
this tourniquet romance
a harlequin dancing chance
bullet to ballet television

we see you

you are all wading ads now
while debating rising spirit
or going for another beer
twenty feet away
which mirror
is nearer thee

we see you 

can be manufactured lazy
covered like a one door G.E. hot point
in amorphy, articles and adjectives
that you won’t mind we are ash
at your windows and
that we know
you’re not yet 
drunk enough
to want to
laugh or cry

we mine by shadow
as you fall numb
to our taking you
wheel and become

another Antigone
and Oedipus
a fire and 
sharp stick thus
where your eyes
used to be
you wear your
nose wanting
some hope left
to see


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