April 23, 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014 #17

engraving by Bernard Picart

barber chair Daphne 

(part 1)

in coated oils
I poke fun at those
making me nervous

I become some
edge water trafficking
what escapes best
most easily sold

I’m taken
with creating art
from moral sleaze slants
granting myself a selfish 
novel sanctum access
when I compliment your eyes

you kept drinking
I thought you were testing my resolve
you surprised me when you took to vulgar
and became a biting and aggressively raw

you began to avail your soul
in elliptical lust
spit and shine
you said so much
as come and get me
toward morning
before midnight
and its band
of liquor gallantry
stops me from playing

you masked yourself too
and somehow
knew me acutely
by scent and key

you saw me bleed
as I threw leeway
to angelic monsters
with wings and disguises
I pretended I might be

(part 2)

I wore myself lost
admiring her ass
her dip-perfect pears
pared and paired
her bent, curled smalls
her movement nautilus,
wines and songs

she was interestingly
wielded beauty and
rapier intelligence
she was bellicose
to elegant
meant to send me a hint
she was going to
inherit  all
of my attention

she was all weather
biological seasons
and clocks
we were meant
to be in tides,
time counted
limbs, digits and
toothed algorithms

we might only
ever see
iris, thunder
and rainbow
playing their hands

keeping track
by three card monty
rain chasing
the queen
of hearts
to steal into
how she roots

each of us are some part fantasy
and some part romantic door she said
rightly I agreed silently seeking
why before letting go as well

(part 3)

thinking she was right

we are
some sort of begging
silhouetted cities
with immediacy

we are our clothes
hasty ancient ruins
modern technology
control mechanisms
imbibes we tie ourselves

spelling our names by poem
with every articulate gesture
of surrender and command
we take hold of our souls
feeling how full
of a moment
with each other
we can make
ourselves with

we lick
in ornate
we squeeze
we tease
each other
wanting more

before breaking down
into the quiet womb
sleep provides

please she says
please I say

I say
she says

do not stop
or go past go


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