March 27, 2014

early rise...getting ready for NaPoWriMo 2014

illustration by Walter Crane

if not for you Narcissus ( a mirror poem)

circle, parry, thwart, thrust
trust here is an elusive elixir

fighting for my soul
psychopathy versus sociopathy
there must always be
it seems, five senses seen
as embodying a mean

a walk along an open road
is a journey where one finds a point
at which surrendering to the unknown
becomes another complete cycle

singing seized
falling upon
any moment I can
throw myself into
whispered movements mimicking
what tomorrow brings
to burn back to rain

a few coins jangle
want me
to toss caution
inside myself
the mason jars
are already labeled
with formaldehyde
and the kept parts
of my humanity

songs of sixpence
pockets full of rye
here I am
only partly dead
wanting still
to feel alive


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